How does it work?
You pick the service you need, and we are able to get it processed in the unlock server for your network. The processing time for this varies by network. We will email you once everything is taken care of, and little to no further action will be needed on your part! Unlike most solutions, not only is ours fully compliant with US law and most simple, but it also will not require you to run any kind of tool or "hack" at all, which also means that your warranty will remain fully intact. We believe that everyone should have the ability to free their phone though the easiest and most reliable method available. As it is often asked, remember, you can do this through us from anywhere in the world, and you do not need to send us your phone, as the unlock is performed 100% remotely (No interruption of service on your end!). Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all about our services, or if you would like to start a Frequent Buyer account with us for reduced rates (good for technicians, repair shops, corporate IT departments, and more!).

What does 'unlocking' mean? What is an 'unlock'?
Your mobile phone is 'locked' when you purchase it, allowing it to only operate on one mobile phone network. If you want to use your phone on a different network (either in your home country or overseas), you will need to 'unlock' the phone. We can unlock your mobile phone for use with any GSM network in the world, which will also drastically increase the resale value of your phone. We offer a hassle-free solution, with no technical knowledge required on your part. You do NOT need to send us your phone (or be able to stop using it at all) for us to push the unlock to it, all we need is a number from your phone called the 'IMEI' number. You can find the IMEI from any phone at all (not just iPhone) by simply dialing *#06# (and hitting 'send' or 'call', if it doesn't show up automatically). The IMEI of an iPhone can also be found in the Settings menu, under 'General' and then 'About'.

Frequent Buyer (Reseller) + Affiliate Programs
If you plan to buy a multiple unlocks frequently, you may be interested in our Frequent Buyer program to allow you to buy them at lower rates. Get in touch at will@chronicunlocks.com if so. The usual minimum for this is 20+ unlock orders weekly (Failing that, a $500 deposit can be put down for $500 in 'store credit' so that we know you are serious).

About our iPhone unlock services
Our services are 100% reliable, speedy, and top-notch. We do not need you to send us your device to have it unlocked, we can help you remotely. Your device will be unlocked and will stay unlocked forever. You do not have to worry about losing your unlock due to upgrading the OS or anything like that. We will also have your device marked in Apple and your carrier's databases as 'factory unlocked', so if you ever have problems with your phone and need to bring it into the Genius Bar to exchange it, the new unit that you receive will also be unlocked. Unlike many other unlock services, ours is 100% designed to allow you to just buy the unlock and not have to worry about if your phone will stay unlocked.

I don't see my carrier / phone type listed, or I have another issue and need to get in touch with you! How would I do that?
Feel free to send me an email at support@chronicunlocks.com and I will do my best to help you with anything you need! Chronic Unlocks is also on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Does my phone need to be on an active line or contract? Do I need to have cellular service for this to work??
Not at all! If you have a newer device (iPhone 4S or any iPhone made afterward) the unlock is pushed over the air once a new SIM is put in. If you have an older iPhone, then you'd at least need access to a computer with iTunes. If your phone is not an iPhone and requires a code to unlock, all you need is the code from us and again, no connection or cellular service required..

Will my network know? Will my service be interrupted?
Not at all! This is simply lifitng a restriction from your device. There are absolutely no adverse effects caused by the unlock. Your network will not know that your phone has been unlocked, your service will not be interrupted in any way, and you will be able to continue to use your phone as you always have been using it while your unlock is being processed. Our procedure is very seamless and easy, requiring almost no technical knowledge at all!

What if you can't unlock my iPhone or get the unlock code for my phone?
If we are unable to get the unlock code for your smartphone, or push an unlock to your iPhone, then you will be refunded. If the unlock cannot be completed due to a problem that is on our end, you refund will be a full refund. If your unlock cannot be completed because the unit is Blocked by the network and you didn't indicate as such, you will get a refund, but possibly with a $2.99 fee deducted. If you selected the wrong network from the list, due to our process being semi-automated and costs being on a per-submission basis, we cannot refund most of the time. We do not check the unlock status of a unit before putting the unlock through, so if your unit was already unlocked (and you didn't realize) we are not responsible. Make sure you 100% agree to this before making a purchase.

Why has my IMEI been processing for more than the listed turnaround time?
The listed times are estimations, in fact many are done in less time. If any IMEI takes longer, don't worry, you likely have not done anything wrong and it will be done very soon. Feel free to contact us though, if you have any questions about it.

Azerbaijan Customers: Unit appears to be re-locked
Do not worry, your handset is still fully unlocked (re-locking by the carrier of a unit unlocked with our process is impossible). In Azerbaijan, you are required to register your imported handset with the government, or you will appear to have no service even with the unlock in place. If this happens to you because you hadn't reigstered your device with the government, simply get in touch with your carrier and they can help you start the registration process (which takes about one week to process).

I am unable to order due to my country of residence. Why is this?
Due to US sanctions, we must abide by certain sanctions, including (but not limited to) the following:
- Cuba
- Democratic People's Republic of North Korea
- Islamic Republic of Iran
- Sudan
- Syria (We cannot accept bank transfers from the Commercial Bank of Syria, the Syrian-Lebanese Commercial Bank, the Syria International Islamic Bank, or any other financial institution aiding illicit financial activities related to the unrest in Syria)

The unlock is complete, but it asks for iCloud login details! Help?
This means that the original owner has reported it lost / stolen, and an unlock will not help fix this at all. Please return the device to the rightful owner. We will not refund you if you asked us to unlock a device that was stolen and it still doesn't work on your network.

The unlock is complete, but it says "No Service" or "This device is Blocked"! Help?
Even if we complete our SIM unlocking service, it will not help change any Network Block that may be in place (either enforced for just your carrier, or possibly your entire country). If you are the rightful owner of the device, get in touch with your network as they are the only ones who are able to unblock it. We will not refund you if you asked us to unlock a device that was stolen and it still doesn't work on your network.

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