Phone Unlock - HTC Phone Unlock - All Networks (incl. HTC M8)
This business is closing down. Please e-mail for further information.
Estimated Turnaround: 1 to 24 hours
Old Model: $12.99
New Model: $29.99

NOTICE: We are able to provide codes, but are not able to see if your device is capable of accepting an unlock code, so this is soley your responsibility to check prior to placing an order. To find this out, insert your foreign SIM card, and then if it asks to enter an unlock code, this service can be used. If you are not able to test this, it is advised that you do not place an order, as there are overhead costs involved with acquiring an unlock code so we are unable to refund if your device doesn't accept unlock codes.

Find the factory unlock code for HTC phones.

The following devices / networks have the code reset later, so ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR UNLOCK with this service, as the code likely won't work:
- Any HTC from Austria
- Any HTC from Brazil - Any HTC from Claro in any country
- Any HTC from Chile
- Any HTC from Ecuador
- Any HTC from Egypt
- Any HTC from France
- Any HTC from Holland
- Any HTC from Macedonia
- Any HTC from Norway
- Any HTC from Spain
- Old HTC Models from Hungary
- Old HTC Phones from Mexico
- Old HTC Models from Romania
- Old HTC from South America
- Old HTC Models from Venezuela
- Old HTC Models from Vodafone UK
- Old HTC Models from Orange UK
- HTC Fuze from AT&T USA
- HTC HD from Play Poland