Phone Unlock - KDDI Japan Unlock - All iPhones
This business is closing down. Please e-mail for further information.
Estimated Turnaround: 5 to 15 Business Days
iPhone (All Models): $159.99/h5>
NOTE: This service is under EXTREMELY high demand as we are currently the only source for unlocking this network, so there is an incredibly high amount of backlog. We are clearing as many of the IMEIs as possible at the best speed that we can, but please make sure you can be patient if you place an order for this service. Although we cannot cancel orders that are in process, if you order but then change your mind, please email us at to ask whether your IMEI is in the currently processing batch. If it is not currently in process, we will cancel it and provide you a full refund.
Why Chronic Unlocks?
- We are a US-based company, and we are in full compliace with US law in regards to unlocking.
- Our AT&T iPhone unlock service is one of the last remaining stable network unlock services that is still working even after the AT&T unlocking "block" occured in October 2013.
- We have been referenced by very well-respected sources in the technology industry (Example 1, Example 2).
- We are the ones who supply a vast amount of online unlocking services as well as physical repair shops (This is done through our wholesale / Frequent Buyer program).
- We have an excellent track record of uptime for all unlock services, even when some have experienced worldwide server-side delays.

1. Submit your IMEI number and contact information (To get the IMEI number of your handset, dial *#06# or get it from Settings->General->About - do NOT check the SIM tray, as that IMEI is inaccurate very often).
2. We will take care of unlocking your device server-side, which should be done within the estimated turnaround time.
3. You will get a notification to let you know the process is completed, as well as any additionanl instructions, if needed.
4. Congratulations! Your iPhone is now permanently in the Apple + KDDI unlock database.

Cancellation / Refund Policies (READ BEFORE PURCHASING)
- If you are not certain which network your handset is locked to, we strongly recommend that you utilize our Carrier Check Tool, which will allow you to verify the network your handset is locked to. If your device is locked to a different carrier, you will be refunded, but a $2.99 network check fee will be removed.
- We start processing orders on their respective unlock server very soon after an order is made, so cancellations of orders are not possible under any circumstances. We strongly advise you not to submit your IMEI elsewhere if you are placing an order with us, as we cannot even cancel / refund if the device has been successfully unlocked elsewhere (This is due to costs incurred on our end per-submission).
- We give tunaround times based on estimates from past orders. An unlock request cannot be 100% guaranteed to clear within the given time, as other variables could make things slightly slower, such as the IMEI not being clean or numerous failed unlock attempts being attempted on the IMEI through another vendor.
- If a device has a Blacklisted IMEI, although it can still be unlocked in regards to using other networks, we are not responsible for removing from any Country Blacklist, nor are we able to do so. This service is strictly for network unlocking.
- This service will not allow a handset to run on a GSM network in Japan like SoftBank, only international GSM networks (or KDDI).

SECURITY WARNING: This network is known to be extremely strict about unlocking. Please be aware that there have been incidences in which a client has found their device to be re-locked after 6 months of being unlocked, due to the user letting their network know they used a third-party unlocking service. Therefore, we offer this service with no warranty against re-locking, and it should be considered as a possibility. Use this service at your own risk, these terms may be unpleasant, but it was decided that offering the service in this manner was better than not offering it at all (Look around the web -- You will notice there is no other unlock service for this network).