Phone Unlock - Samsung Mobile Phone Unlock ($49.99)
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Estimated Turnaround: 1 to 5 days
Any Model (Code Unlock): $49.99
Any Model (App Unlock): $59.99

NOTICE: We are able to provide codes, but are not able to see if your device is capable of accepting an unlock code. By continuing with this purchase, you acknowledge that it is 100% your responsibility to check prior to placing an order. To find this out, insert a SIM card from another carrier, and then if it asks to enter an unlock code, this service can be used. If you are not able to test this, it is advised that you do not place an order.

NOTICE: Certain devices (Such as those locked to T-Mobile and Sprint) may utilize an app for unlocking instead of a code. Please search for the "Device Unlock" app in the Play Store for these devices, and if you get a message indicating the device is "not eligible for unlock" you may use our service with model "Samsung (Purchased in USA - Requires app)" to allow your device to be unlocked via this app.

Get the network unlock code for any Samsung mobile phone. Please accurately mark the purchase region of the device when selecting "Model" so that we use the correct database.

For T-Mobile or other devices requiring the Device Unlock app If a non-supported SIM is inserted in your device and instead of asking for a code, it contains a message similar to "This Device can be Remotely Unlocked if eligible, please use the Device Unlock application to unlock the device" then it means your device does not require a code and instead needs the IMEI unlocked/whitelisted server-side. Please make sure to use the Samsung (Purchased in USA - Requires app) service for such devices. This is EXTREMELY important, as a code would not be useful in this case. The app that is needed once the device is unlocked by us is located here, although it will not work on your device until our progress is complete:

Lost or Stolen Devices
To be very clear, this service is for getting the Network Unlock code for your Samsung Mobile Phone to allow you to use SIM cards from any other GSM network in the world. This is not the unlock code used to access a mobile phone's OS (also called "locked"), this is 100% only for removing a network lock. This will also not remove it from any national Blacklist if your device happens to be on one for being lost or stolen, so although we can get the unlock code, we are not able to remove any Network Block that is in place that will still prevent your device from "Logging in" to any USA GSM network, so make sure you understand this before you submit an order.